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History of All Auto Brands

Cars started in 1769 with some basic engines but many consider that real auto brands history started in 1885. There are broad groups in which cars fall into. These are based on estimated date ranges in this order: veterans, brass, antique, classic, pre-war, post-war and modern car brands.

If you think about modern cars, they each have about 30,000 car parts, and we have come a long way in our technology and design to be able to manage such a huge number of parts and screws that must all fit together even if made by different specialized part manufacturers. The automotive industry has made huge strides in the past 150 years. The major leaps in pioneering car brands were steps taken in in Germany, and the USA during the industrial revolution. It seems that 1930 to 1950 was a crazy time when lots of great cars were built. Many car companies in Europe grew quickly like Porche and we discuss them on this website. You have to remember that the car industry is a vertical on its own and within this vertical you have multiple tiers that go into making a car. For example, metal and plastic makers feed into the automotive industry on a large scale. Some may say that the golden years of car manufacturers are over but I say the maturity years are now here.

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Given that car brands lists are discussed on this website, we wanted to give this overview of the car brands history. It may be that we had a recession in 2008 and competition is fierce for the European and American car brands, there is still a long way to go with the technology of cars. Classic cars are still driven until today so it means that we are still in the early stages of maturity in this industry. Just now, I find that cars are breaking down less often. Google is making the driverless cars. Some car brands had lost a lot of money and many have closed shop. All car brands and vehicles in 2015 are going to keep us interested with new gas efficient cars of different sizes. We expect the autos makers to produce more quality and luxury at lower costs now that new materials have been invented and now that 3D printing allows for more complex parts to be built cheaply.

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