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Cheap Cars to Buy

If you are like me, then you would be looking for a car while on a tight budget. Here I list the cheapest car models for those searching for a new car.

The USA is Capitalistic and their main goal is to make more profit. American and European car manufacturers always have this goal. On the other hand, Russia and Asia aim to get a new cheap (or expensive) car for every home regardles of quality.

Again, most people have a low budget for a car and would wish to get one for the lowest price possible. Getting a used car is an option but those come with their own problems and you can only keep them for a few years. On the other hand, there are people who will buy SUV's and luxury cars. Most car manufaturers will want to tailor to a market segment that has money but a few manufacturers think differently. These few had competed to make the "cheapest cars".

Bajaj RE60 – cost: 1600€

Bajaj RE60 – 1,645€

Bajaj RE60 – 1,645€

When I first saw the price of the Bajaj Re60 I was in disbelief. When I read more about it, I realized that Bajaj is an Indian car brand and that they modeled the Bajaj Auto RE60 after the rickshaw. The rickshaw is a little motorcyle wit three wheels used by taxi's in India. This car gets the title of the cheapest car in the world since its price is ~1600 euro. This city car model is lightweight. Actually it is 400 kg only. The RE60 car model has very low carbon dioxide emissions and this is why the model name has a '60' in it. 60 grams per kilometer are generated by the 200 cc engine which gives it 20 horsepower. No need to mention the top speed since it is mean to be in a small city stuck in traffic. that provide a top speed of 70 km/h, It will save you money on gasoline since it consumed 3 liters per hundred km.

Tata Nano – 1800€

Tata Nano – 1,800€

Tata Nano – 1,800€

Tata Motors is yet another indian company that makes cheap cars. The nano model held the cheapest car trophy before the RE60 discussed above. This cheap car is also small and in demand even though there are complaints about it burning out suddenly. The specs of the car are not that important but it is a rear-wheel drive car with a tiny engine. The nano is sold for 1800 euro so don't expect any features like AC. labour is cheap in India and this is how these companies can make these cheapest car models.

Chery QQ – 3500€

Chery QQ - 3,500€

Chery QQ – 3,500€

What do you get when you ask a Chinese car maker and an Italian design company to make a cheap car? Chery QQ. Some people say it looks like the Daewoo Matiz an it has been produced since 2003 and have won an award for the best Chinese brand in 2010. The looks might not be amazing but they have been working on it. Chery QQ has five-doors and has a hatchback trim.

Maruti Suzuki 800 – 3700€

Maruti Suzuki 800 - 3,700€

Maruti Suzuki 800 – 3,700€

Maruti Suzuki 800 is also an Indian car brand. Actually this page should be titled indian cars instead of cheapest cars! It has been around since 1985 but might be discontinued due to high CO2 emissions. The Suzuki 800 has a trim of five-door-hatchback.

Geely MR – 4100€

Geely MR - 4,100€

Geely MR – 4,100€

althought still affordable in western standards, this Chinese car is still considered as being one of the lower priced cars. The Geely MR may be ordered with 4 of 5 doors sedan/hatchback. It is very small and priced at 4100 euro.

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